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Building an Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable Digital Economy | Blockchain and Government

In Blockchains and the G20: Building an Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable Digital Economy by Julie Maupin, the following key points are confirmed: Blockchain technologies can be used to build audible and transparent digital economies that are accountable to the world’s citizens. The G20 must implement this technology for the global good. …

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Blockchain Security | Public vs Private

A blockchain is a distributed ledger.  It is the technology that underlies bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  These distributed ledgers can track lots of different types of information.  A blockchain can be implemented as a public ledger visible to all or it can be implemented with restrictions. Harvard Business Review defines …

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Blockchain Applications and Finance

In the Harvard Business Review post “How Blockchain Applications will move Beyond Finance” Christian Catalini makes the point the point that bitcoin is an excellent example of the effectiveness of blockchains and asks the question “Where might blockchains be applied next?”. Any type of digital asset can be tracked and …

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Don’t Sleep on Congnitive Computing | How Smart is Watson?

Cognitive computing enables people to generate value through computing in a new way. Bernard Marr writes "The goal of cognitive computing is to simulate human thought processes in a computerized model." An alternative to a structured approach to computing - cognitive computing approaches problem solving by mimicking the human approach. …

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