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Ethereum IoT Registry | Chronicled Is Building a Registry For Devices

Mediamatic Hybrid Wearables
Mediamatic Hybrid Wearables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Chronicled Platform, Chronicled Open Source provides a toolkit that enables the assignment of a secure digital identity to a physical object by embedding an encrypted microchip and linking it to a blockchain record. Many argue that the adoption of IoT devices has been hindered by the lack of standards and Chronicled hopes to address that problem.

“What’s missing is interoperability for all those chips so that when a consumer is out in the world, they can interact with their world in a ubiquitous, seamless way. Right now it’s completely broken.” – Chronicled CEO Ryan Orr

Chronicled’s core product is a service for registering and tracking high-value sneakers using near-field communication (NFC) and bluetooth low energy (BLE) chips.