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Become a Student of Initial Coin Offerings

DASH is up 100% in 7 days mkt cap $.7 billion. Etherium is up close to 100$ in 7 days, mkt cap $2.7 billion.  Cryptocurrencies are growing exponentially. It is worth you time to become a student of initial coin offerings.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency.  It can be used to avoid traditional means of raising capital.  Typically a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backer of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

William Mougayar has assembled a list of 18 websites that track ICOs.  Check these out and become a student of cryptocurrencies as a means for raising capital.

  1. Ambisafe
  2. Bitcoin Talk Forum
  3. CoinFund Slack Channel
  4. CoinSchedule
  5. CryptoCompare
  6. CryptoSmile
  7. CyberFund
  8. ICO Countdown
  9. ICO List
  10. ICOO
  11. ICO Rating
  12. ICO Timeline
  13. ICO Tracker
  14. Newbium
  15. PrivateMarket
  16. TokenMarket
  17. Reddit on ICO Crypto
  18. Smith + Crown


Blockchain Applications and Finance

In the Harvard Business Review post “How Blockchain Applications will move Beyond Finance” Christian Catalini makes the point the point that bitcoin is an excellent example of the effectiveness of blockchains and asks the question “Where might blockchains be applied next?”.

Any type of digital asset can be tracked and traded through a blockchain including medical records (MedRec), digital rights (Ascribe), identify(Uport) and supply chain (Hyperledger).

I expect much more growth in the next 18 of non-finance-based blockchain businesses.