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Building an Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable Digital Economy | Blockchain and Government

In Blockchains and the G20: Building an Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable Digital Economy by Julie Maupin, the following key points are confirmed: Blockchain technologies can be used to build audible and transparent digital economies that are accountable to the world’s citizens. The G20 must implement this technology for the global good. …

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Federal Reserve’s Commentary on blockchain technologies | Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Arrangements

The U.S. Payment, Clearing and Settlement (PCS) systems process approximately 600 million transactions per day, valued at over $12.6 trillion according to “Distributed ledger technology in payments, clearing, and settlement” published by Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. This …

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Blockchain Security | Public vs Private

A blockchain is a distributed ledger.  It is the technology that underlies bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  These distributed ledgers can track lots of different types of information.  A blockchain can be implemented as a public ledger visible to all or it can be implemented with restrictions. Harvard Business Review defines …

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Ether is at an all-time high

Coinbase is reporting that Ether has topped $42 per coin today. Wow! What a wild day! For more information see article on newsbtc.com – Ethereum Price Technical Analysis. Related articles Worth Reading: Ethereum, Falling Pando & Tech’s immortality obsession(om.co) Zcash + Ethereum = ♥: Why Two Blockchains Are Evolving Together(coindesk.com) …

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