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Computer Illiteracy | Effects of Digital Divide on Daily Life

Have we reach the point where email is required?  Yes, if email is required to apply for a job.  With no email access at home or on a phone – searching job listing is difficult.  People often turn to their public library for access to these basic services.

Cites like Detroit, Michigan and Fresno, California boast of universities and industry – yet in these cities large percentages of their populations have very limited computer access and literacy.  Both the New York times article by Cecilia Kang “Unemployed Detroit Residents Are Trapped by a Digital Divide” and the Daily Dot article by Rebecca HuvalDisconnected in Silicon Valley’s shadow ” discuss the challenges of the digital divide on daily life.

Only 69 percent of the Fresno metro population uses the internet.

“I was in pain visiting Detroit, seeing how so many pockets aren’t part of the opportunity of broadband and are falling behind,” said Mignon L. Clyburn, an F.C.C. commissioner who visited the city last October


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